After a brief phone conversation, we will determine if I can be of help to your child and family. Every family and child is unique and special and I take gentle care to get to know your overall goals, concerns, and any other information that will help your child and I move through the therapy process in the most effective and meaningful way.

During our first session, I typically like to meet with the primary caregiver before beginning evaluation and treatment of your child. You are your child’s expert; throughout the therapeutic process, it is important to me that the caregiver/parent feels included in every step of the way.

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Fees  and Hours

I know children and families lead a busy life on the weekdays; that’s why I designed my practice to accommodate families during weekend hours.

Child psychotherapy sessions are 45 minutes, by appointment. At this time I do not belong to any insurance panels, however I am more than happy to  provide for you any necessary information to seek reimbursement if you receive any out of network coverage.

  • Saturday hours
  • 45 minute child sessions